Oxford Brookes University Visit

Our high school students were informed in detail by the authorities of Oxford Brookes University about the university education abroad, education in England and the opportunities offered by their university. With the visit of Oxford Brookes University, our students continue to meet with the leading universities of the world to be able to make effective decisions regarding studying abroad and planning their future.

Btec Art & Design Program gave its first graduates

The Btec Art & Design program, which was first launched in the academic year 2017-2018 in our school, was completed with the certificate program in the same year. In the 2018-2019 academic year, it gave the first graduates of the diploma program and the students of the extended diploma program continue their education process. The certificates and diplomas were given to the students that completed the program with a ceremony held in our school.


As part of their GEMS program, the Lavender group explored math with frogs mainly focusing on their life cycle. They read the story of Tod and Frog and used a variety of materials such as buttons, beads, plastic frogs to measure, identify, classify and group objects. K2 Magnolia students started the theme on “Wonders of Nature”. Students first answered the question of what makes something a wonder. They explored the wonderful things in the nature and how these wonders were also good for people in many ways. Each student had a picture of a wonder of nature posted up on their locker. Students also practiced visual reading by copying images of these wonders. 1st grade students explored the life cycle of a butterfly to extend the sequence of events in Turkish. They then looked at the life cycles of frogs, chickens and men with the same purpose. In math they… Devamını Oku


Continuing on the “World of Wonder” unit, this week with Magnolias we focused on natural wonders. We discussed the different landscapes we can see around us, fields, mountains, rivers, mud etc. through brainstorming, games, story books, drawings and we ended the week by making our own Magical Mucky Mud. Joint construction allows students to write a text that they might not be able to write independently in a supportive context and provides a model for students to use for independent writing. We have worked with 2nd grade students together to collaboratively construct a text about their special day -“My Birthday”. This witting activity supports students to understand how purpose and audience impact on language choices. Then our 2nd graders have written their own text. To review our topic “Games”, 2nd grade students played dodgeball and tug-of-war in English lessons outside. They enjoyed the nice weather and had the chance to… Devamını Oku

British Council Study UK School Visit

As part of the British Council Study UK School Visits, six universities visited our school to promote UK Universities programs. Within the scope of the mini fair, our students had the chance to convey their questions and get detailed information from the representatives of the international offices of University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, ESCP Business School, Kingston University, University of Leeds and University of Surrey about the university education in England and related universities, and the steps to be taken when planning their education abroad. Our students had a very productive day to raise their global awareness in the context of university education and design their lives, and shape their future with conscious and determined steps.


1st and 2nd grade swim lessons start next week. Students should remember to bring their swim bags with them on swim class days. The swim bags should contain: swim suit, towel, an extra hair towel for girls, slippers, goggles, swim cap and an extra set of underwear. We kindly ask for you to support children to prepare their bags. It is important for all students to participate in swimming lessons which construct a crucial part of our sports programme. We expect our students who do not have a doctor’s report and who feel well enough to come to school, to attend swim lessons. Thank you in advance for your support regarding this matter.


The young Lavenders explored soil formation and what lived in the soil as part of their spring theme. They went out in the garden and later formed a graphic based on their observations. This activity enabled them to learn how to observe nature and living things. They also used inquiry and discovery skills while observing. K2 Magnolia group focused on GEMS butterflies unit this week. They discovered the concept of symmetry using the symmetrical forms on the butterfly wings. They recreated similar forms using tangram boards. They had so much fun creating symmetrical forms using drawing and 3D objects. 1st grade students worked on sentence formation in Turkish. They made correct sentences choosing from a set of scrambled words. They listened to the story of the snow globe and wrote their own stories about it. They started reading a new book “Kitap Karıncası” during their library hour. They used the… Devamını Oku


4th GRADE EXAMS TÜRKÇE 23 Mart 2020 1 Haziran 2020 TRAFİK GÜVENLİĞİ 24 Mart 2020 2 Haziran 2020 FEN BİLİMLERİ 25 Mart 2020 3 Haziran 2020 İNGİLİZCE 27 Mart 2020 5 Haziran 2020 MATEMATİK 30 Mart 2020 8 Haziran 2020 İNSAN HAKLARI, YURTTAŞLIK VE DEMOKRASİ 31 Mart 2020 9 Haziran 2020 SOSYAL BİLGİLER 1 Nisan 2020 10 Haziran 2020 DİN KÜLTÜRÜ VE AHLAK BİLGİSİ 2 Nisan 2020 11 Haziran 2020


As part of our unit focusing on spring, this week the Lavender group have been looking closely at things that live in soil, in particular, wriggly worms and ants. The children practised wriggling like a worm to understand that worms do not have feet or legs. We also practiced our numbers through a sensory activity – throwing the worm dice, and counting out the correct amount of worms hiding in our ‘soil’ – fragrant coffee beans. The children practised working together by playing a circle time boom game, and completed an ant maze. Magnolia group has just started the unit “A World of Wonder”, and has been looking specifically at the topic “above the earth”. We discussed the things we can see above us, the differences of the sky features during daytime and night time. We also explored the difference sources of light (artificial and natural light). Finally, we looked… Devamını Oku